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Hi Y'all welcome to my Blog Sweet Blog. This blog started out as a place for me to share life with my family but part of my New Year's Goals were to work on growing my blog. I joined The Peony Project and Southern Girl Blog Building Group and have sank my heart into this blog in the last 2 months. It's still a work in progress but I'm loving the journey so far.

If you're going to stick around my blog then you'll need to know the cast ;) So let's meet the cast.

My Fiance.
Aliases: Babe, Baby, Honey, Sweets
We were best friends for 13 years before we started dating. We've dated for 1 year before we got engaged. We've been engaged for 2 years & 2 months. We're getting married in September 2015!
I've never been happier in my life. We have the kind of relationship that probably makes others want to gag. We've never had a serious argument. We're so happy to be together that it doesn't matter what we're doing. Grocery shopping, partying, going on adventures, it doesn't matter we have fun no matter what. We sing together, make up songs together, dance in our kitchen together, I would say have nerf wars together but since he's the only one with a nerf gun it's not really a war. I may need to work on that ;) We're just big dorks together and that's the way I like it + he knows when to just feed me and tell me i'm pretty ;) That's a winner in my book.

Our son.
Aliases: D, Doodle, Dude
Goofball. This kid is just a goofball with a big heart and a big brain. He's seriously the smartest kid. He was using the computer at 3 to play his games, which were only the Disney Channel games. I used to sit at the computer with him in my lap and let him play but it got to the point where he'd drag my Dad to the computer and say "Pa, i'll show you how to use it" and he did. At 2 he decided he wanted to swim on his own and did that, too. Once he makes up his mind to do something he just does it.

He's 12 now (ahh! 12) and is in gifted classes (Program Challenge OR Advanced Placement) and makes excellent grades. He'll give you his last $, too. He's always bribing me to take him to Chick-fil-A, he'll pay for it as if that's my reason for not taking him to Chick-fil-A every day. On vacation when he was about 7 he wanted to spend his $ he had saved on my best friend, who was with us. His heart is really that big! Behind that smart, kind hearted boy is a goofball. He loves to make up songs, too and dance. He'll act like he doesn't know how but I have videos to prove otherwise. He's very witty, too. Usually he hits me with some kind of witty remark when i'm driving and have a hard time keeping it between the lines because i'm laughing so hard. I'm going to start sharing those moments here ;) He's at the age where he doesn't like me to share things on Facebook because it embarrasses him. He doesn't know about Momma's Blog yet though. He also has a BIG heart for animals. Loves them all!

The Parentals.
Names:Mike & Whitney
Aliases: Dad, Daddy, Pa & Mom, Momma, Mimi
Seriously y'all they are the best parents ever! They're the kind of parents that never really gave us a lot of rules growing up because they trusted us. We were good kids :) Now days they're two of my best friends & i'll always be Daddy's Girl.
My Dad is one of the most laid back guys ever. Not much ruffles his feathers. He's definitely the rock of our family. He's a true supporter of The Atlanta Braves and Falcons and loves the beach. I think if it wasn't for me and my brothers he might move to the beach. Hey Dad, i'll move with you!
My MomShe's the most kind hearted woman I've ever known. She'll give you the shirt off her back if you need it. If you like it, she'll likely buy you one just like it. She's so crafty. Growing up she always made our Halloween costumes and birthday cakes and she often made me fancy dresses for special occasions. There was no run-of-the-mill, the same thing everyone else has costumes, cakes, or dresses for us. Now she makes stained glass pieces that are beautiful and sews curtains and things. She loves the beach and crafting and cooking, too. We know when we go to Mama's house for dinner we're going to eat good!

My Grandma
Name: Linda
Aliases: Grandma
The Matriarch of our family. Without her basically none of us would exist. Okay so technically it dates back looong before her but still. She's kinda hearted and beautiful. She often puts herself last because she's busy taking care of everyone else. If you need something she's on it. She's patient and loving and all the things Grandmas should be.
When my brothers and I were kids she never missed a baseball game, gymnastics performance, awards show or whatever we were involved in. She continues the tradition now with my son. She's a blessing to our family.

My Brother & Sister in Law
Names:Tyler and Jordan
Aliases:Ty-too, Ty, Brother, Brother Bear & Jo, Aunt Pretty Girl
These two are definitely two important people in my life. We've all been through so much together and have so many memories. Growing up my brothers and I were inseperable. Most kids fight with their siblings, not us. I know that shocks everyone but it's true. I had friends who would beat their sisters up with Coke bottles (scrappers, y'all. Not really. Just bullies.) That was never us and in fact, if someone ever tried to hurt my brothers I wouldn't have it. Since we grew up so close it's only natural that we're super tight now. I love my sister in law, too. I couldn't have picked a better one myself. She's really like the sister I never had.
My brother plays guitar and makes up silly songs, too. I think this silly song thing really started with him ;) Anytime we're all together there are guaranteed to be tons of laughs.

My Aunt, Uncle & Cousin Emily.
Names: Scott, Melody, Emily.
Aliases: Aunty, Uncle, & Em or Emmy
If you need anything at all they're there for you in a pinch. The sweetest, most fun, loving peeps. I absolutely adore spending time with them. My son and uncle have an on-going prank wars going on when they're together these days. My aunt, she's a fun aunt. She climbs trees with my son. I told you she's fun! Emily, she's the sweetest. I love doing girly things with her + girlfriend has a big imagination.

Aunt, Uncle & Cousins
Names: Tom, Devon, Brecken, Asher, Farren
Alises: The Illinois Crew
These guys live in Illinois so we only see each other once a year. They come down for a week every summer and stay at my parent's house. It's the most amazing, fun filled week. We look forward to it all year long.
Even though they're so far away they're there if they need to be. My Aunt has hopped a plane more than once to be down here with us. If I ever need someone to vent to she's the one to call. Sometimes I wonder how she does it all. She's seriously like Super Woman! My Uncle and the kids are comic relief. Always up to something hysterical. They're proof that you can still be close no matter how many miles are between you.

My Best Friend & her son
Names: Missy & Blayne
Aliases: Bestie, Best Friend, Girlfriend, Sweets & Monkey (I've called him this since day one)
She and I have been through everything together. She's the definition of a true best friend. Sure we don't get to see each other nearly as much as we'd like to but that doesn't change the fact that if I need her or vice versa we're there. We have tons of memories together and will continue to have many many more. She's been my rock more than once and I love that boy like he's my own.

And that is my main crew.

I hope you enjoy reading about my crazy life!

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