All About Them Goals....

For some reason I just started singing that like Meghan Trainor's All About That Bass and you can blame it on the coffee. It's the beginning of another month; one of my favorite months, to be exact because this is the month we celebrate my nephew's first birthday, my in law's anniversary and mine and my husband's second wedding anniversary. There's a lot of happiness, love, family time and celebrating to do this month, which is reason enough to be happy but then you add in the fact that fall is pretty much here and pumpkins everywhere and my heart explodes. Please give me all the flannel, cozy blankets, leaves changing and cooler days. Autumn has my heart, i'm sure of it.

With each new month brings new goals and a fresh start. I'm madly in love with all of those things, especially fresh starts. It's been on my heart to really show my authentic self, especially the vulnerable parts so last week I wrote this post about the Peaches & Willow Refresh. Over the weekend I started a major social media clean up on Facebook; i'm not deleting any friends but I am being more cautious whose posts show up in my feed. I also am un-following companies and other accounts that either I have no idea how I started following them in the first place or I'm never going to buy what they're selling. It's not that I don't want to support them but i'm trying to be more authentic and intentional with who and what I let into my circle. I want to log in and see things and people that make me happy, make me inspired and who support me and while I feel bad that some of these companies and bloggers have lost a follower I also feel like it's best to be authentic to who I am and sometimes it means un-following someone or leaving a group.

I found a quote on Pinterest (I'm not sure who it's by) but it says "Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It's your master piece after all." How true. I feel like i'm always on a mission to edit my life and detox myself; mind, body, and soul from all the negativity and things that no longer suit me and i'm also on a mission to inspire others to do the same that's why I'm also going to be an on line influencer for the Imperfect Boss campaign that begins in a couple weeks. If you'd like to see what that's about then click the link and join us. I'm also doing the Blissful Business Summit this week.

I believe that life is ever changing and if you're doing it well, so are you. That's why I believe that getting in touch with yourself and finding where your heart is every once in a while so you can live a happier, fuller, more content life. I'm also a believer in setting goals. I set them yearly, monthly and even weekly because they help me live life the best I can. Before I started setting goals I was always frazzled. I felt like nothing was done at the end of the day, even when all I had done was work and it lead me to be frantic and moody and not even someone I wanted to be around so I can only imagine how that felt to the people who love me the most. Luckily they stuck it out with me and I came to the realization that setting goals is an important part of my life. So I want to share September's Goals with you and then this week's, too.

September Goals

Blog/Social Media:

+ Pre plan blog content

+ Come up with a social media plan

+ Grow Instagram to 900 followers (759 current)

+ Continue to clean Up Facebook

+ Simplify & organize e-mail list

+ Work on e-mail newletter

+ Take one webinar


+ Work out 4x's a week

+ Cut back on sugar

+ Make 2 pieces of jewelry

+ Read one book

+ Do something nice for my husband, just because

+ Connect and engage with one friend daily (introvert problems)

+ Go to lunch, dinner or coffee with one girlfriend

Weekly Goals

+ Reach 800 followers on Instagram

+ Keep up daily with the Blissful Business Summit

+ Workout 4x's

+ Clean up e-mail

+ Work on newsletter

+ Drink more water

What are some goals you'd like to work on?


  1. those are great goals. I did something similar to this. It's so important to set those goals and follow through. :)

    1. Hi Jillian. I absolutely agree, it is so important to set goals and follow through. ;)

  2. You have lots of great goals! I would love to catch up on my long reading list this month. I'm also working on sticking to my Sunday meal planning. I'll be excited to check back in at the end of the month!

    1. Hi Kate. Thank you so much. Sunday meal planning has been a game changer for me. I'm so happy that you want to check back in at the end of the month. You're helping me stay accountable and I love it!!!

  3. Love your goals! I'm gonna steal the doing one thing nice for the hubby :)

    1. Hi Girl! Thank you so much. I'm glad you've found one you want to use! I know your hubby will enjoy it, too!

  4. I love your list of goals and how you categorized them. I'm currently writing my own list of goals and you reminded me of a few :) Also...I literally sing everything to the all about that bass tune! haha

    1. Hi Miranda. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you found some inspiration from this post. Goal setting is such a huge part of my life now and I love how motivational it is. It's hilarious that you sing everything to that tune, too!

  5. These are all great goals my friend!! I too have been cleaning up my facebook recently. Getting rid of people on my friends list that I do not speak too anymore, the million pages of businesses that I have liked but no longer really buy from,etc. It's refreshing to say the least! So go us for that!!!

    I too love Fall and really hope that we get some much cooler weather in the day time soon. We will be getting a cool front soon during the night time which will be ever so nice!

    Instagram was a complete miss for me last month due to people following/unfollowing. Really burns my behind when people do that but that just makes me work harder for those awesome followers I have. I so slacked off on working out so this month I want to kick butt!! We got this girl!!!

    I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday!! Good luck with your goals this month!! You are going to rock them!


    1. Hi Sweet Friend! Thank you for your comment. I can always count on you to cheer me on. It is so refreshing to clean up Facebook, isn't it? Definitely yay us!

      Fall is my absolute favorite. It's only 63 right now so i've got my back door open and my fall candles lit. I am loving this! We've been getting that cool front at night for about a week but it's hot again during the day. We got a major rainstorm last night so I think that finally cooled things down for us.

      I'm so sorry that Instagram was a miss last month. The follow/unfollow thing really bugs me. Why do people do that? It really makes me mad, too but don't let it discourage you. I've been learning how to grow my Instagram through Facebook groups and so far it's going well. In just two days i've gone from 759 followers to 781. We'll see how many of them stick but I feel like they're legit because of the groups we're in.

      Working out is something i'm slowly getting back into. I shared one of the yoga workouts i've been doing lately on my Facebook yesterday. I really want to do the work out you posted about last week, I think it was.

      Happy Day, Love! Thank you so much! Good luck with your goals too.


  6. Goal blog posts are so inspiring! I'm attempting to read 2 books this month, a parenting book and a novel.

    1. Hi April. Thank you so much. I am so glad you like posts like these and find them inspiring. I'm ready to read another book this month, too. Do you have any picked out?


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