Happy Friday.

Happy Friday my lovelies. We've almost made it to the weekend. Technically it is the weekend for me and Dylan, he's out of school for Fall break now so we're just chillin' at home until my mom gets off work then we're going to see my parents. I love days that start with no agenda; no where to be, no rush. That means this momma can take time to drink coffee on the couch in my pajamas, blog, and catch up on t.v. It just so happens that Lara Spencer's Flea Market Flip is on and i'm obsessed with this show. I saw it once and couldn't find it again until now. Two whole episodes followed by a complete hour of Lara Spencer's I Brake For Yard sales. Obsessed! I've even had time to give my blog a face lift just in time for Halloween.

We're still heartbroken over the loss of our buddy this week. Our Duke lost his battle with cancer on Monday. We miss that guy like crazy but we're happy knowing he's not suffering and he's been re-united in Heaven with his best friend, our Grandpa. I'm sure they're enjoying life together again. It's not good bye for us forever. It's until we meet again.

So anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know we will. We're planning on doing a lot of napping, maybe making s'mores, and being lazy!

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