Hello Monday.

After an amazing weekend spent with family and friends it's time to kick off Thanksgiving week and what better way than cleaning house with the windows open? I'm ready for this week. For the first time ever my Finace and I are cooking lunch with his parents. They were going to Puerto Rico for Thanksgiving but some health issues are keeping them at home. They weren't going to go anywhere or cook so we were just going to bring them a plate from Thanksgiving dinner with my family until I got the idea, while we were at the grocery store Saturday, to make a meal and take it to them. From then on it was official! I'm excited because they always do so much for us and won't ask or let us do much for them so it'll be nice to give back. But first my weekend re-cap.

Friday my Fiance bought the new Super Smash Bros for the Wii U while he was at work so the 3 of us spent most of the night playing it. Saturday was a day full of running errands. We had to take my necklace to the Jared's jewelry store to be repaired, to Alex's parent's house to visit, Target, and make a run to the grocery store (that's when and where my Thanksgiving plan was hatched). We wound up having dinner at Carrabba's with my parents and The Harris'-some amazing neighbors and friends of ours from my childhood years. I love them and have missed them in the last few years. They moved to Florida in '99 and have recently moved back to Ga. It was great to catch up with them. Sunday we spent a few hours at my parent's house even though both of my parents had to leave and go to work. Alex and I got our room there cleaned up! So that was our weekend in a nut shell. I hope yours was amazing, as well.

*Hello Monday is a post where we say hello to what is inspiring us or whatever where looking forward to*

Hello long week of no school.

Hello sleeping in.

Hello 72 degree weather in November.

Hello open windows.

Hello cleaning house.

Hello Thanksgiving week.

What are you saying hello to this week?

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