There are moments in life that are so precious and pure that I feel completely overwhelmed and taken by emotion. This morning was one of them. I took my buddy to Chick-fil-A for breakfast before school, he wanted to dine-in, so we did and I'm so very glad. We were in the restaurant almost alone (there were only 4 other people there), it was peaceful. It was a slow start to a normal, busy day. As we sat there we talked, really talked. Usually he's too busy rushing to the next thing to carry on conversations with but this morning was different. He sat and he talked. He told me about things going on in school and friends. It was a nice morning. As he got out of the car this morning he said, "I Love you, Mom." Not that he doesn't always but this morning it really filled my heart with happiness and made me full of emotion but I know his morning got off to a wonderful start. I know mine did.

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